Book Review


VOICES is a multi-skill course in English for Classes 1-8, which has been designed to develop comprehensive English language skills in learners. It is an integrated and innovative approach to the teaching and learning of English language skills that enhances an interactive and participative atmosphere. The selection of NCF-recommended themes for the prose and poetry reflect the emphasis on inculcating in the young learners a taste for different genres of writing. A progressive vision providing graded topics has been ensured.

One of the major objectives of the course is to tone up the learners’ reading skills and to equip them with a rich reading experience. The series is an amazing amalgamation of the formative tasks of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) skills. The Listening and Speaking activities are practical, easy and are suitable for individual, pair and group work. The exercises have a unique coverage in the Summative and Formative Assessment areas.

Another thrust area of the books is the pre-reading Let’s Get Going exercises to initiate the learner into the carefully-chosen topic of the lesson. It has stimulating warm-up activities that tickle the brain and explore the requisite pre-reading knowledge. A key segment of the book is the Grammar part which encompasses age-appropriate topics with definitions, rules, examples and application-based exercises.

The series also builds basic Life Skills such as morals, logical reasoning and effective communication. These skills have been universally identified as essential needs that learners require in the complex and fast-changing future. Problem Solving Assessment correlates a number of important issues and questions that encourage decision-making, empathy, sympathy and build confidence.

This series is also complemented with an i-book which makes learning interactive, involves learners in multiple activities and presents the chapter through a 2 Dimensional story and read on text. The Listening Activities embedded in the Facilitator i-book will enable the facilitator to assess the skills of listening, assimilating and analysing in the learner and then implementing the concepts taught. The interactive activities in the i-book will ensure full participation and the animations will create a better understanding.

This series is accompanied with an extensive Teacher’s Support Book which has Lesson Plans with strategies to make learning interactive and Rubrics that will assist the facilitator to assess and assimilate the learners’ understanding. General and Specific objectives aimed at skill development correlate to the Learning outcomes and are clearly defined. The facilitators will find that lesson plans not only enhance the quality of teaching, as they are systematically planned, but they also add value to the overall teaching experience.

Added benefits that extend the teaching –learning experience are available through Question Banks that are provided as Web Support. These support the assessment pattern through a Test Generator which can be used for Summative Assessments.

Rubrics provided give specific assessments through which Formative Assessments can easily be carried out. The criteria given in the rubrics provide specific instructions to assess that particular skill only and are project or life skill oriented.

–Editorial Team

Earthtrek Geography helps to develop knowledge and understanding of a selection of contrasting physical and human (social, economic and cultural) environments and the relationships that exist between them. It helps to promote an awareness of the spatial, structural, and temporal patterns of environment, both physical and human, and to realise that these patterns can change with time. It furthers the understanding of the opportunities for, and challenges of, global interdependence. It also promotes conservation and sustained management of the earth’s resources for future generations.

The Earthtrek Geography Series by Madhubun Educational Books has tremendous insight into making geography interesting and simple to learn. The content is completely aligned to the latest ICSE syllabus. The text is creatively complemented with maps, realistic images and detailed illustrations. All maps have been certified by the SOI. The units are well-explained with an introductory passage accompanied by beautiful double page illustrations that add depth to the myth or explanation given. Landmarks identified highlight the learning objectives; in-sight questions in At the Camp Site and Cruising Around invoke thought provoking ideas; Off the Beaten Path provides additional information.

The Glossary given enables students to comprehend the meaning at a glance.

Travelogue is a good way of involving the students to jot down important points. I would like to appreciate the publishers for the special Reminiscence page allotted after each chapter which gives a bird’s eye view of the entire lesson in a unique manner.

Drill Time comprises rich comprehensive exercises.

Venture is a concept-based project exercise that will add zest to the learning experience and encourage students towards making the subject lively. Checklist helps cross check the requirements of the project work. Follow the Trail will give students a great chance to explore and enjoy geography via technology.

I would like to mention that the supplementary ibook and map practice book that come along with the text are an added bonus.

I strongly recommend this book and acknowledge that its contents are as per the ICSE syllabus.

– Rita Fernandez

HOD – Geography

HOD – Environmental Studies

Christ Church School, Mumbai