Book launch of Christopher C Doyle


Christopher C Doyle was present at Hiranandani Foundation School International, Powai on 18th April, 2018 for the launch of his latest book, ‘Son of Bhrigu – Book 1 of The Pataala Prophecy Series’. In collaboration with Westland, HFS International hosted the book launch amidst great enthusiasm. The presence of various other reputed schools of Mumbai incorporated an element of grandeur to the event.

Surendra Hiranandani, school trustee, Founder and Director of Hiranandani Group of Companies, Managing Director and Chairman of House of Hiranandani was present on the occasion to launch the book. In his insightful speech, he encouraged students to cultivate the art of reading while through his reminiscences he related how his father spent money on buying books despite difficult circumstances. Reading as a pastime should be nurtured, he opined, because it stimulates the creative and imaginative faculty of an individual.

The day’s programme commenced with the invocation of the Goddess of Learning by the students of Grade 8 who recited shlokas as Saraswati Vandana. Keeping up with Indian tradition, the students sought the blessings of Devi Saraswati before the auspicious book launch.

Students of Grade 6 of IGCSE paid homage to the indomitable spirit of Malala who had upheld the pursuit of knowledge against oppression and intolerance. Through a beautifully choreographed performance, students articulated the penchant for learning. The voice of Malala is the voice of liberation from the fetters of illiteracy.

‘Read for a Better World’ was a piece of advice from Advika Nair of Grade 3 who captivated the audience by emphatically stating why children should take up reading. She stole the hearts of one and all by her expressive gestures, while delivering a speech that had all the elements of theatricality. Her manipulation of the language to drive home the message that one should appreciate the worth of reading was truly laudable.

The School Principal, Kalyani Patnaik, welcomed the Chief Guests of the day, all the Principals, teachers and students present on the occasion. An avid reader herself, she formed the Reading Club in school in 2017. She inspired students to read as it is an exercise that helps students become knowledgeable thinkers and inquirers. She commended the works of the author saying that they reminded her of the adventures penned by another famous English writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The book was launched by Surendra Hiranandani. Christopher C Doyle presented his research work through a very interesting power point presentation. The path-breaking discoveries exhibited in it included the ‘global flood’ that took place 12,000 years ago, the setting of the ‘artificial winter’ and the implementation of the ‘Tubular Drilling technique’ by the ancient Egyptians. The students were introduced to a more thrilling revelation in the form of ‘Sympathetic Vibration’ that was employed to lift heavy weights by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago. He also apprised the students of the real ‘giants’ mentioned in the stories of Mahabharata through excavations carried out in Russia. Doyle’s fiction, replete with scientific innovations set in the mythical world of Mahabharata or in the history of Alexander’s military exploits, make the readers marvel at the power of ‘mantras’ that was used to harness nature. The world of fantasy is so immersed in reality that we can hardly segregate the realm of reality from the world of legends and myths. Sophisticated engineering of 9000 BCE perplexes modern-day architects and engineers who are yet to solve how ultra-sonic pulses were responsible for such mammoth structures strewn across the world as in Tiuhaanaco (Bolivia), in Baalbeck (Lebanon) or in Stonehenge (England).

The interactive session with students saw Doyle eloquently briefing them about what to expect in his forthcoming novels.