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Befriending Technology

Tech - NO – logy? Or Tech – KNOW – logy?

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September 14, 2017

Befriending Technology

The speed at which technology is growing and expanding, it’s almost impossible to imagine anybody being able to resist it. Accept it or not, it’s difficult to sustain without it. Some survive because of this modernisation, whereas, some are still contemplating whether it’s needed or not to be a part of one’s life – personally as well as professionally.

Often educators debate on how they can benefit from technology. Can they not do without it? After all, why disturb the ancient pattern of teaching? You may support or disagree with the argument here.

If you are the one who feels burdened under the pressure of staying updated with the latest trends, it will be beneficial if you practice certain skills to remain calm and motivated at the same time.

1. Stay Positive: Well, the stay positive mantra needs to be applied here as well. In the beginning, you may face challenges, your patience levels may decrease and reaction to work pressure may increase. Believe me, it is important to train your brain to stay calm and assure yourself that you will eventually learn all the necessary skills to have technology enter your classroom.

2. Plan in advance: If last minute preparation of some funky presentation or editing a video can hamper your productivity, make sure to begin much in advance. Start working on your modules and avoid awaiting the deadline. It is good to go slow and smooth while you have time, instead of tossing up everything last minute.

3. Got a minute? Do you feel your colleagues are better at it? Go, ask for their help. They may be having some brilliant ideas that could suit your requirements. Ask them to help you plan it out. Be open to their suggestions and always be receptive of what they may have to offer. This in return will also strengthen your bond with the ones you didn’t interact with so far. Go with a positive attitude and put all your negative assumptions aside. These new challenges will make you feel even more proud of yourself once you accomplish them!

4. The inquisitive-leader: For a student, her/his teacher will always be an ideal leader. Students are always motivated by teachers who try and excel in all that they do. It might be a slow progress, but the results can be amazing. You might just discover a new teaching style someday, which can be engaging for both you and your students.

5. Get involved: Don’t hesitate to ask your students for support. Students take immense pride in helping their teachers. It strengthens the bond and makes them more responsible as individuals. If you judge yourself and make assumptions on how they will perceive your inability to master technology, chances are you may often reflect discomfort in your body language and the charm of the class may diminish. Rather let your students know you need guidance too, and how you respect their knowledge in other domains as well and not just academics.

6. Don’t forget to enjoy it: The daily hustle bustle of our lives deprives us of the energy to enjoy all that we do. Little do we realise how important it is to have fun while you work. Love your subject to avoid making it monotonous in nature. Technology has a lot to offer. Make your curriculum interesting, attractive, use colourful presentations, search for new videos, add music to life and a lot more. If you are short of ideas at any point, simply search online. There are numerous templates available. Choose the one that suits your needs and get going!

7. Age is just a number: Your age is no obstacle when it comes to learning and flourishing in life. The mere thought that it’s too late to begin now, kills it all! The number of years you have on your side are proof of your success so far. So, push away the number game, and simply rock your world by giving yourself a great re-start.

Mitashi Pawar, MA in Applied Psychology, PG Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy is at present working as a School Counsellor with The Shri Ram School, Aravali. She has done her schooling from DPS Vasant Kunj. Her expertise lies in working with kids, parents and teachers. Over the years, she has worked for several schools such as DPS Ambala, DPS Panipat, Apeejay School Kolkata, Bal Bharti School to name a few. She is passionate about creating awareness about mental health and help people understand the benefits of counselling. Her interest also lies in doing workshops for students and adults.

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