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Ant, A tiny teacher

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November 28, 2017


We have to learn many lessons
From the ant, the tiny teacher.
Amazing zeal and team spirit
No steward, no master.

No rulers no boss
Working for common good.
Each specializes in certain task
All for one and one for all.

In summer they gather food
In winter they hibernate,
Perfect social balance.

They have never been
known to give up
Work with self motivation,
Contribute positively to others
With devotion and dedication.

Not scared of heavy work
Though they know their
Astounding sense of discipline,
Cleanliness and dedication.

They are keen, pro active
They have fix time to rest,
No energy do they waste.

They live each and every day
With division of labour,
They have spirit of sharing
They are unselfish workers.

They find way in obstacles
With tireless persistence.

They believe in common good
And no lonely existence.

They have seamless
Strong sense of community.

They know how to utilize
Each part of opportunity.

They collect their food
They erect their home,
They are gainfully engaged
Aimlessly never roam.

–Sadar Kaintura

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