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Adjectives – Learning through Analytical Reasoning

(Teaching the Concept of ADJECTIVES)

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January 13, 2017

Adjectives – Learning through Analytical Reasoning

My journey of teaching the concept – ADJECTIVES began on an uncertain note with fourth grade students as they were aware of what an adjective means. Adjectives are to be used carefully and sparingly. The use of too many adjectives results in sloppiness and verbosity.

To explain the known concept it required what exactly to understand in the topic and how it is used further in their learning process.

Anubandha Chatusthaya-the phrase says there are four integral parts of any lesson to be planned and delivered.

Discussing the sequence of the buildings

Discussing the sequence of the buildings

1. What is the aim of the lesson?
2. Who it is meant for?
3. In what way is the subject related to the learners?
4. How the learners are benefited using this knowledge?

Defining ADJECTIVE – to define an adjective I started with ‘Arrangement Problem –Analytical Reasoning’ classroom activity and dwelt on the importance of adjective for my primary learners.

Adjectives are words used to qualify nouns. They do so by describing or indicating or enumerating what is denoted by the noun and so may be classified under three heads:-

Presenting the concept learnt

Presenting the concept learnt

1. Descriptive
2. Indicating
3. Numeral or Quantitative

Introduction of G.K. Chettur’s way of giving definition of Adjective and its kinds gave a different essence to the lesson.

All the activities focused more on Subject Integration. To begin with students learnt the methodology of understanding the reasoning problems and designing a road, arranging buildings according to the directions given. This unique activity kindled the exploratory skills, creative skills and organizing skills to a great extent. Content mastery was not the only priority but motivated the weaker students as they saw that there were other areas in which they could score well. Activities for Adjectives resulted in giving a notable and expected outcome.

Rathna SindhurRathna Sindhur with her ambitious aim inspires young minds about love of learning and helps them become free thinkers. Rathna currently teaches English from Class III-V at Edify School in Bengaluru. Prior to this she taught French at elementary level from 2009-2012 at VIBGYOR High. Rathna loves to be working with people from different trades and walks of life at varied levels. As an ISA coordinator at Edify School, she balances concerns of different groups in order to reach a common goal. Academically, Rathna is an MA in English from KSOU Mysore University; she holds Diploma in Teachers Training, Cambridge TTF and Level-A in French from Alliance Francaise.

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