Parwez Samuel Kaul


Tyndale Biscoe & Mallinson Schools, Srinagar (J&K)

Birthday: May 20, 1946 Sun sign: Taurus Place of birth: Srinagar, J&K
Studied at Schools/Colleges:  St. Paul’s School, HP / D.A.V. College, Amritsar / St. John’s College, Agra /
Kanpur Univ. College of Edu./ C.I.M., Chennai / University of Meghalaya
Parwez Samuel Kaul

First school as a teacher, city: St. Francis School, Amritsar

Year: 1969

The best thing about being a teacher: Children are the same all over the world,
It is a pleasure to teach innocent minds responsibly.

How did you feel on the first day being a school principal/leader? Encouraged
The best thing about being a teacher-leader: Adults pickup very fast provided the leader with model.

What are the traits of an effective principal?
+ He must lead from the front and be a living example of what he wants to teach.
+  He must be ready to work 24×7. He should encourage others by motivating them and not find fault with others.

Please describe the role you feel parents should play in the operation of the school: Parents can play a positive role in coordinating with teachers and the school administration by actively involving in positive criticism.

When you visit a classroom, what are the first things you look for as signs that the classroom is an effective
learning place? I always look for an interactive classroom, interactive teacher and enthusiastic students.

What is your vision of special education?
All human beings are born equal and no one shall be deprived of an opportunity for an all-round education whatever be the circumstances.

What is your view on QCT? Human beings respond positively to situations which provide interaction on equal terms. QCT helps in interaction, sharing and learning much faster than conventional methods. It is like brainstorming among peers.

What’s your view on CCE? Continuous and comprehensive evaluation methods adopted in India have led to emphasis on test unit and term examinations and has therefore forced teachers into testing and evaluating rather than quality time for teaching comprehensively. Too much emphasis on examination and marks obtained cuts into time spent in classroom teaching.

What’s your view on the e-learning platform? e-learning appeals to students and teachers alike. It provides an unlimited resource while reducing the time and effort spent in browsing through volumes of text. e-learning is global in nature and available universally.

How to make inclusion a reality? By providing an environment of equality, interest and trust maximum delivery can be affected.

The most touching things that school children have done for you: The best reward a teacher has is that of remembrance by one’s pupils years after having left the school.

Best conference/seminar that you have attended on education: Excellence in Education – IIT Kolkata (May 2004) It emphasized the Indian heritage in guru-shishya relationship since vedic times.

What are the major qualities you seek in a new teacher? A teacher should be ready to learn and effectively communicate.

One piece of advice that you want to give to new teachers: Guard against boasting.

Your favourite book: The Bible

Your favourite movie: Son of God (2014)

Your Favourite Song: The Sound of Music (1965)